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2 Hours to Save Marie-Antoinette -

   A game created in collaboration with


The Rescue Of A Legendary Queen


January 21st 1793 - Louis XVI is taken to the scaffold by order of the new Republic.

From her jail at the Conciergerie, his wife Marie-Antoinette is also waiting to know her fate, which promises to be disastrous... A plot is being organized: the Queen of France must be saved!

On Wednesday August 28th 1793, Jean-Baptiste Michonis entered the Queen's cell, accompanied by our friend Alexandre Gonsse, Chevalier de Rougeville; your contact.

Both are ready to do anything to try to free the Queen, even to conspire against the new Regime and risk losing their lives.

This mission will be called the "Complot de l’Œillet".

On the night of August 30th, the two men returned to settle the details of the escape which was to take place on the night of September 2 to 3, 1793, that is tonight!

Dear friends, from this moment you take part in the mission and enter History.

Your journey will take you in the Parisian footsteps of the most famous queen of France in an attempt to change the course of history and save her life.

Single price:35€
(Prices excluding tax for teambuilding)

Only available in french

Duration of the game: 2 hours

What will happen during your game:

You will be welcomed by you dedicated instructor-investigator, he/she will introduce the story, give you all the documents you will need to start your inquiry and make the teams.

Search for clues and solve puzzles in the various places dear to the heart of Marie-Antoinette.

End of the game: Explanations and announcement of the winning team by your investigator-trainer.

Meeting place: 1, rue des Ursins, Paris 4ème

Your contact on this investigation:

Chloé ( -

Johanna (

24 hours before the experience, if the client deems the weather or health circumstances unfavorable, he/she can, on a simple request by email or telephone, cancel and be reimbursed in full.

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