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The Last Secret of Saint-Louis Island - Paris

A hundred years old case on Saint-Louis Island - Paris


1924 -  A flask that once belonged to the presumed alchemist Nicolas Flamel has been stolen by the serial burglar Arsène Lupin in Countess Cagliostro's townhouse on number 24, Quai d'Orléans.

Inspector Lenormand, in charge of the case is convinced :
« The flask itself is worthless... Unlike its content. »

2024 - The flask remains hidden on the Ile-Saint-Louis. You will need all your investigative skills to find it and discover its secret.

While exploring the island, you will discover its history and its mysteries : the Haschischins's club where Baudelaire, Théophile Gautier and Alexandre Dumas use to meet ; the Centaur's House where Aurélien, the hero of Aragon's eponymous novel, lived; the Headless Woman street…


Your investigation can be done by day or by night.

We are waiting for you to help us solve the Island's last secret.

Available in English


Our reading advice:
In this adventure, Arsène Lupin plays and loses. Faced with a man in black named LM who is always one step ahead.
To be savored accompanied by the song of Jacques Dutronc: Gentleman cambrioleur

Individuals: 29€
Team building : 39€
(Privatization of the investigation with your dedicated investigator-trainer)
Available in english (to be precised during booking)

Duration of the game: 2 hours​​​​

What will happen during your escape game:

You will be welcomed by you dedicated instructor-investigator, he/she will introduce the story, give you all the documents you will need to start your inquiry and make the teams.

Search for clues and solve the riddles in the streets of the Ile Saint-Louis.

End of the game: Explanations and announcement of the winning team by your investigator-trainer.

Meeting point:  24, quai d'Orléans, Ile-Saint-Louis, Paris

Your contact on this investigation:

Arthur ( -  

Our most radiant congratulations to the whole Ines team 
Most Talented Investigative Team of 2023
equipe ile saint Louis team building.gif

24 hours before the experience, if the client deems the weather or health circumstances unfavorable, he/she can, on a simple request by email or telephone, cancel and be reimbursed in full.

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