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2 hours to unlock the Secret of the Revolution - Domaine de Madame Elisabeth - Versailles 


A game created in collaboration with

Inquiry available only by reservation and in French

Ideal for your special occasions: Team building, EVG, EVJF or birthday,
from 15 investigators

Single price:35€
(Prices excluding tax for teambuilding)

Contact us to find out the next availability.

An Historical "Clues" In The Estate Of Madame Elisabeth - Versailles


August 1789, Madame Elisabeth, sister of King Louis XVI, felt the first stirrings of the Revolution rumbling. She does not name it that yet, but the need to protect certain secret informations & the treasures of France is felt.

To do this, she entrusts her most faithful friend the Duke of Rochechouart de Mortemart with a dangerous mission: to secure these elements. He swore at the risk of his life that he would take these treasures to a certain place: the House of Austria, family of Queen Marie-Antoinette. On his arrival in Vienna, he was to send a coded message to Madame Elisabeth, confirming the success of the said mission. When she left Versailles for Paris on October 6, 1789, the King’s sister had still received nothing…. Before her hasty departure, Madame Elisabeth drew up a list of 8 potential suspects who could have attempted the Duke's life.

Today you have this list at your disposal.


Failure or success, it's up to you to find out what happened by carrying out the investigation in the gardens of her estate in Versailles!



Duration of the game: 2 hours

What will happen during your escape game:

You will be welcomed by you dedicated instructor-investigator, he/she will introduce the story, give you all the documents you will need to start your inquiry and make the teams of 6/7 players.

The teams investigate and try to find the culprit.

End of the game: The winning team will be the one with the right culprit while being the fastest.

Meeting place: Estate of Madame Elisabeth, sister of King Louis XVI, in Versailles

Your contacts on this investigation:

Johanna ( -

Cyril  (

24 hours before the experience, if the client deems the weather or health circumstances unfavorable, he/she can, on a simple request by email or telephone, cancel and be reimbursed in full.

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